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Picnic in the Park

Dont forget to pack all the essentials and a few extras for good measure

Some basics for a picnic include -

  • Drinks - Hot chocolate or coffee - Some bubbly and of course water.
  • Basic treats or go all out
  • Strawberries and cream or a nice cake.
  • A basic sandwich or cold cuts and salad - you decide how fancy you want to get.
  • Dont forget some hand wipes or water to wash up, and some napkins
  • Do you need cutlery or just have finger food.
  • Of course you'll need to sit somewhere so pack a picnic rug or chairs.

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A Treat Fit for a Princess

One Sunny Day,...

we set off into the hills.

We stopped off on the way for a coffee, and set off again about 11.

As we made our way higher and higher up the winding roads, AJ started wondering just what was in store.

She knew we would be meeting someone as started asking if it was my real girlfriend, and we were going to knock her off.

The roads started to get narrower and narrower, but finally we arrived at a little community hall, where we parked.

AJ freshened up as we waited.

After a little while we noticed some movement off in the distance, and I called to AJ.

"You know how you're such a princess that you can feel every crumb in the bed"? I said.

"Well, today My Princess, this is your carriage"

Clip clopping up the path came a classic carriage. A beautiful horse and carriage with it's driver came into the park where we were waiting.

Greeting us was Libby and Montana our ride.

Libby brought some nice flowers for AJ, as it was an anniversary surprise, and after some meet and greets and a few photos, we poured some drinks and set off on our hour long drive up through the orchards and historic homes in the hills.

We enjoyed great conversation, some bubbly and some nice down time and were returned safely to our car an hour or so later.

If you'd like to hear how the rest of the day panned out,... download our app and it will be revealed.








These will put you in the mood for love.

*  Love insists the loved loves backs

*  The good things in life are better with you

*  There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. George Sands

*  Love is a game, That two can play and both win. Eva Gabor

*  For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. Judy Garland